To counteract the hostile environment of the ocean, marine vessels have constantly improved in design, materials and construction methods. Such strides forward were necessary to improve the efficiency of the vessel, protect the cargo, ensure the safety of the passengers and crew, and to protect the owners financial investment.

Marine vessels have been subject to the requirements of inspections for hundreds of years as part of marine law and this still applies for any vessel intended to be used for ‘hire or gain’.

Many small yachts and launches are privately owned and operated. Owners use the services of a recognised and experienced inspector for a number of reasons:

– As part of the assessment process prior to a sale or purchase agreement for insurance purposes
– During or after the construction/repair of a vessel
– for precautionary reasons as part of the annual haulout/maintenance programme

The selection of a suitable inspector is normally based on experience and reputation with the type of vessel and the construction materials. Mike Menzies is affiliated to the Marine Industries Association of New Zealand, and specialises in GRP.

We offer the following marine inspection services:

  • GRP pre-purchase inspections
  • GRP insurance inspections
  • Osmosis analysis
  • Consulting on anything GRP
  • Project Management

Exterior Hull Plus Specific Internal Structures Inspection

Gunwale down on the exterior and external fittings, gunwale joint, chainplates, mast post, bulkhead taping, bunk taping, floor structures, engine beds, rudder tube, seacocks etc.

Full Structural Inspection – Powerboat

Includes everything but the engine and electrics – for a launch this includes the superstructure, flying bridge, cockpit etc.

Full Structural Inspection – Yacht

Includes everything but the engine and electrics – for a yacht this includes, further to the above, the spars, sails, rigging etc.